How to reach Trento

First note that Grand Hotel Trento as well as the conference location are within walking distance from the railway station.

By air

The closest suitable airports are those of Verona, Venice and Milan. We suggest you to consider arriving at Verona, which is close to Trento (90 km) and is connected to many european hubs. There you can either rent a car or take the bus shuttle to the Verona railway station (20 min. ride) and the train to Trento (1 hour ride). Venice and Milan are more distant from Trento, and the typical ride to Trento is about 4-5 hours by public transportation (shuttle and train) and 2-3 hours by car. Please find here and in the related pages more complete traveling information.

If you arrive at Milano Linate (LIN) it could be convenient to take a taxi to Milano Centrale railway station. A shuttle also links Linate with the station: it is cheaper and comfortable. It leaves just in front of the domestic arrival terminal every 20 minutes or so, the trip lasts about half an hour.

If you arrive at Milano Malpensa (MXP), larger but less easy to reach, several shuttles go to Milano Centrale railway station. The trip takes about one hour (during rush hours it could take longer). Some companies provide their customers with a complimentary trip to Milan.

From Milano Centrale you can continue by train to Trento, with change in Verona. Informations and schedule can be found at or at this german web site

By train

You have to reach the central station of Trento, from which the hotels are within walking distance. Refer to the links above for informations and schedules.

By car

From the italian highway system, follow the indications to "Trento centro" and from there follow the indications to the railway station ("stazione" or "stazione ferroviaria" in italian). The hotels are nearby.


You can also find further information in this web page.