Internet access during the conference period

You will find a room equipped with a number of computers (Windows and Linux) connected to the internet. Please feel free to ask me (Maurizio Paolini) for any advice or need.

More specifically, there are 4 PCs with Windows 98 (italian localization), those with the CRT screen. They have public internet access, so you can use internet explorer, 'telnet', ...

The two 'acer' computers with LCD screens are running linux (RedHat 7.3). You can log in using the information (user/password) written on top of the computers. They also have public internet access, so you can browse the internet or make telnet/ssh connections.

In the same room there are also a number of free sockets in order to connect your laptop (you need an ethernet card):
  1. Connect your laptop to one of the dangling cables on the green table.
  2. Activate the network using a "DHCP" negotiation. For those using linux this can be achieved with the command "dhcpcd" (this will overwrite your '/etc/resolv.conf' so you should backup it).
There are also a few spare static IP addresses which can be used if you need to manually configure the network.
If you need internet access for your laptop using a normal telephone line, (e.g. for use from your hotel) we have set up a connection using the italian Tiscali internet provider.

From Trento you should dial 0461-1990000 (at the cost of a local call). Of course this number should be prefixed with the appropriate code if your telephone does not have direct access to the telephone network.

In Italy we do not have the so-called "dialtone", so that you might need to add the "ATX3" modem command to the connection sequence (typically this is achieved by substituting ATX3DT in place of ATDT in the setup).

For the authentication (PAP-CHAP) you should use the following data:

userId:   fbp2002
password: *******  (please ask to the organization team)
primary DNS:
secondary DNS:
SMTP server:
Only one person can use this connection at a time!

NOTE: Although it is usually possible to use this service from the hotel rooms, this seems not the case from the rooms of Grand Hotel Trento, however there is a common room with a direct telephone connection near the entrance hall. Please ask to the Hotel reception.