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Conference Registration and Accommodation form

Deadline: Apr 30, 2002

Please note: Hotel reservations will be made after receiving the registration fee. Early hotel booking is recommended, for June is high season.


Personal data:

* mandatory fields
First Name(Middle Name Initial):*
Last name:*
Phone number:
Fax No.:
only for invited speakers and focus sessions contributors
Type of talk:
Title of the talk
Abstract (about one page maximum):
Special needs of equipment, besides overhead projector
For participants who intend to exhibit a poster
Poster title:
Abstract of the poster (about one page maximum):

Complete postal address for invoices (for administrative uses):*

City, CAP/ZIP Code:*
Fiscal code (for Italian participants ONLY)

Social Dinner on June 7th

Number of people (yourself included): of which vegetarian
(free for registered participants; accompanying persons pay 15,00 EURO cash at conference desk)

Payment Infos*

Registration fee 100,00 EURO
The registration fee includes: admission to the conference and coffee breaks, lunches for the four days of the meeting (on June 5th , 6th, 7th and 8th ), participation to social dinner, conference proceedings.

GetField('payment') == 'BT')?"checked":"";?>>Bank Transfer
GetField('payment') == 'CC')?"checked":"";?>>Credit Card(VISA / Mastercard)

Bank Transfer to:

UniversitÓ di Trento
Via Belenzani, 12
I-38100 Trento
P.IVA 00340520220

Sede di Trento, Via Galilei 1
CIN Y - ABI 6330 - CAB 1800 - Account n. 079/88312502

IMPORTANT: bank transfers should be made net of all bank charges and commissions, and they should specify the name of the participant and the subject "Registration Fee FBP2002"; a copy of the bank transfer order should be postmarked or faxed to:

Conference Secretariat
UniversitÓ di Trento
via Belenzani, Galleria Tirrena 10 - 38100 Trento, Italy
fax: +39-0461-883222

Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) information must be sent, duly signed, by fax to (please find the form here):

Conference Secretariat
UniversitÓ di Trento
via Belenzani, Galleria Tirrena 10 - 38100 Trento, Italy
fax: +39-0461-883222



The Conference Secretariat has already booked a number of rooms for FBP 2002 participants in some city hotels. In order to make your reservation in one of the hotels (the prices of which are indicated below), please fill-out the hotel reservation form. Note that only by filling this form can you benefit from the discount room rates. Reservations will be accepted until April 30, 2002 and will be made only after the payment of the registration fee. After this date we can no longer guarantee the special fares in the hotels listed below and the room availability.
If you wish to reserve a room in a hotel by yourself, please make sure to mention the title of the conference to the hotel in order to get the special fares. Also please send an e-mail to the conference secretariat (ufficio.convegni@amm.unitn.it) with the indication of your reservation.

Hotel categories:

(invited speakers and focus sessions contributors will be lodged by the organization in the first-category hotel)

Category Single Double
first GetField('hotel') == 'FS')?"checked":"";?>>83,00 GetField('hotel') == 'FD')?"checked":"";?>>103,00
second GetField('hotel') == 'SS')?"checked":"";?>>50,00-57,00 GetField('hotel') == 'SD')?"checked":"";?>>75,00-93,00
third GetField('hotel') == 'TS')?"checked":"";?>>20,00-34,00 GetField('hotel') == 'TD')?"checked":"";?>>36,00-56,00

Prices are per night per room including full breakfast, taxes and reservation fee. Room rates are in EURO.

Arrival on: at: (e.g. 20:30)

Departure on: at:(e.g. 20:30)

Total nights:

Number of accompanying people:

Type of room :

I accept to share the room   GetField('other_needs') == 'on')?"checked":"";?>>

any other special request (e.g. the person whom you wish to share the room with, in case you checked the box above):

For any further information or changes in the registration and accommodation form please contact:

Conference Secretariat
UniversitÓ degli Studi di Trento
via Belenzani, Galleria Tirrena 10 - 38100 Trento, Italy
Tel. +39-0461-88-3215/-3216/-3225
Fax +39-0461-883222
email: ufficio.convegni@amm.unitn.it

In accordance with Italian Law no. 675/96 we hereby declare that any personal information in our possession will be used for the purposes of the conference only.